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It is said that you can gauge someone’s age by looking at their neck and chest but this is one part of the body that is often neglected. Some people think that the loose skin effect is down to genes, others believe nature must take its course but a major contribution is a lack of muscle tone in the area.

The scientific explanation for the ‘saggy jowl’ look is the loss of skin volume and elasticity caused by gravity pulling skin south! Skin becomes slack and appears less plump and after time will begin to droop. Add to that other contributing external factors such as smoking and exposure to the sun and you’ve got yourself a difficult battle to fight with no easy fix… or so it seems.

Performing regular facial exercises has been proven to firm and tighten skin in the neck area, a repetitive regime will tone the muscles and can give you a more youthful appearance. This is one area of the body that you can target sitting down, click here to learn some simple exercises you can do at your desk, in front of the tv, having coffee (although you might get a few strange looks!).

The perfect combination for a smooth, toned neckline is to regularly use our Dr.Ceuticals Neck & Chest Lift SPF15 firming cream alongside these exercises. It aids collagen (this is found in our skin and controls the strength, structure, firmness and overall appearance of our skin… it’s important!) production and also helps protect skin from sun exposure with an SPF15 element.

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