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Your hands are one of the most frequently used parts of the body so it’s no wonder that the skin can become easily damaged.

Prevention is key! Try to establish a moisturising routine so that applying hand cream becomes a daily habit rather than a solution to problematic sore, chapped hands. Why not use just before you leave the house or straight after you apply your night cream? You might not notice the good that you are doing but that’s because dry hands won’t be a problem anymore! However, we all know that doing what we ought to do isn’t exactly what we end up doing so, what about if hands are already in need of help? Moisturising often is the answer. Keep hands hydrated by applying hand cream throughout the day and especially after washing, exposing hands to the elements (keep them wrapped up in gloves!) or after coming into contact with any irritants (step away from the bleach!). Chronic dry hands will always benefit from being smothered in a rich cream and then being placed into cotton gloves overnight. A little bit of extra love and attention and you can get your mitts back to perfection in no time!

Dr.Ceuticals Super Repair Hand Cream is the perfect solution for all of the above. Whether you want to avoid future problems or your hands are already suffering and in need of some TLC; this intense super rich cream will make sure hands are repaired, restored and ready for action!

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