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According to research*, 27% of women would consider avoiding a holiday so they wouldn’t have to bare all in a bikini. A holiday is meant to be an exciting and highly anticipated occasion. However for some, the thought of daring to bare on the beach or by the pool, is something that shudders anxiety into their minds. Whatever the season, we all want that perfect beach body to give us a wonderful feel good factor of total body confidence, and moisturised skin is a key element to younger and firmer overall body appearance.

Research also shows that 44% of women would be willing to go on an extreme, unhealthy diet prior to a holiday, for a quick ‘holiday shape-up’*. However, Dr.Ceuticals Beach Perfect Body Firmer gives you some extra help and added confidence with no crash dieting necessary!

This intensive shaping body treatment, not only gives skin an instant deep hydrating hit due to the moisture-rich Shea Butter, Coconut and Almond Oil, it also helps fight the signs of ageing resulting in smoother, firmer and softer skin. Anti-ageing Q10 and Vitamin B3 help to rejuvenate the skin, whilst the added Seaweed and Caffeine extracts help to flush out fatty deposits which can lead to cellulite. Along with the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise, use this cream for a more beach confident you - all year round!

* Weight Watchers

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