Cracks, blisters and dryness are all signs of hands in distress and in need of some TLC. They are constantly exposed to the weather and go through our busy lives so it’s hard for them to look their very best.

The best way to keep your hands in good health is to get into a moisturising routine so you get your daily fix. Before going to bed or going outside in the cold are good moments and will bring your hands the moisture and protection they need. With time the appearance of your skin will improve and your rough patches will be left smoother and more comfortable. Don’t forget your nails and cuticles as they also need to be hydrated to stay strong and healthy.

Dr. Ceuticals Hand SOS Intensive Balm is an intensive, non greasy formula with Lanolin, Glycerine and Shea Butter to bring back to life dehydrated and damaged skin. Your hands will be left more comfortable and ready to face the day!

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