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Many people forget that a tell-tale sign of a person’s age is the condition of their hands. Our hands do just about everything for us; they are subject to hundreds, if not thousands of physical conditions every week so it’s no wonder they start to look a bit rough around the edges before the rest of the body has time to catch up!

Dry, cracked skin is a clear giveaway for neglected hands. Day to day contact with household chemicals, changes in temperature and having hands in and out of water all leave the skin parched and dehydrated. The sun also plays havoc with the appearance of hands; dark spots emerge after cumulative sun exposure which is hard to avoid unless you want to wear gloves all year round!

Dr.Ceuticals Hand De-Age Cream helps alleviate all these problems; the active ingredient tackles existing dark spots whilst an SPF15 element protects hands from future sun damage. There’s also an intensive moisturising matrix.