For the majority of women, the size, shape, fullness, pertness and general appearance of their breasts has at some point in their lives become an issue that feels like it has no solution. Ageing, exercise and pregnancy can all contribute to a change in the look of the bust area as wrinkles appear and elasticity disappears...


The breasts are made up of glands (which produce milk), connective tissues (these provide support to the breasts) and fat (this can determine the size and shape) and this sensitive matrix can unfortunately be affected by going about our daily lives. How many times have you heard that exercise is the best thing for you? Well, with the wrong bra it’s the worst thing for your boobs! Running or jogging, these are exercises classed as high-impact, can stretch the ligaments found in breasts if they are not properly supported. What about dieting? We’re all guilty of the yo-yo diet but loss of fat tissue in the breast can give a less firm appearance and once the fat returns, the breast is not able to support it giving way to a 'sagging' effect. Click here for tips that can help to improve these problems.

Our Dr.Ceuticals Bust Boost is a multi-active light cream to help improve skin elasticity whilst delivering smoothing and firming effects to the bust. Regular application along with some regular exercise such as swimming can soon help give you cleavage confidence.