Bingo wings… excess flesh that hangs underneath upper arms, a problem many of us suffer from. Understanding what causes ‘flabby’ arms is the first step in tackling the problem and it’s not just genetics as most people think!


A poor diet will lead to excess fat being stored in certain areas, the arms being one of them; a lack of balanced vitamins and minerals can also cause the skin to loose elasticity, adding to the ‘sagging’ effect. Excessive weightloss can lead to our skin not being able to cope and shrink proportionately leading to skin losing firmness around areas like the upper arms. Muscle tone has a major effect on the appearance of upper arms. If muscle is toned, the fat that sits above the muscle can be supported and will not fall way from the arm (the ‘bingo wing’ effect). Advice on simple targeted arm exercises to improve muscle tone can be found here.

These are the causes but a combination of solutions will fight this common problem; the best place to start being our Dr.Ceuticals Firm & Sculpt Arm Gel. The active ingredient is known to help reinforce collagen synthesis which is the key to firm, toned skin. Look after your upper arms from the outside with this tightening gel.

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