Contrary to popular belief, cellulite affects all women, overweight or thin. When pinched or squashed, skin with cellulite will have a dimpled appearance. The fatty tissue immediately below the surface of your skin rests on top of a firm layer of collagen connective tissue; it is this area of the skin that is affected and gives us the bumpy looking exterior.


Research has shown that oestrogen plays a major role in the causes of cellulite, hence why it’s a problem that mainly affects women rather than men. This hormone sends the body’s waste products away from vital organs and into areas where they will be relatively harmless such as below the skin’s surface...resulting in fatty deposits underneath the skin’s surface or cellulite as it’s more commonly known. A sedentary lifestyle can increase the chance of cellulite occurring as the body’s circulation system becomes sluggish and finds it difficult to dispel toxins effectively. These toxins occur naturally within the body but modern life has meant that we pump even more in; smoking, alcohol and a generally poor diet all encourage the development of cellulite.

Don’t despair though, although it takes some hard work, you can improve (and sometimes completely lose) cellulite. The obvious solutions are to cut down smoking, drinking and eating junk food; this will reduce the amount of toxins flowing around your body. Drinking fresh water throughout the day will help to flush your system as well as helping the metabolism to work effectively. However, to really get the circulation flowing, exercise is key. A quick click here will provide you with some targeted exercises to get the blood pumping. Massage will also improve skin circulation and with our Dr.Ceuticals Sculpting Cellulite Treatment you can combine self-massage with a refreshing gel developed to specifically tighten and smooth the skin.